On Friday I had my last day of work with Dennis, who left Kumasi on Saturday. We talked to Johnny, our general manager and supervisor at the company, for a long time. I was freezing at his office because of the air conditioning, but it was a nice and interesting talk and review of our time here so far. We took a lot of pictures, together and with other colleagues. Unfortunately I don’t have copies, yet. I was very cold outside, too, although we had around 27° centigrade. That is relatively cool for Kumasi but still quite hot for Germany.

On the way home we bought a crate of beer because we planned a farewell party for the evening. We had to walk a little for that and it was very exhausting for me. My head started to ache a little but I didn’t want to get sick because of Dennis. At the hostel I had to lie in bed though because I felt really bad. I remembered that I felt cold earlier and was afraid of having a fever, so I checked with my thermometer. The resulting 37.8° centigrade were right in between the upper limit of a normal body temperature (37.5°C) and what doctors would call an elevated temperature (38°C).

I talked to Isa over Whatsapp. After I told her that I had a little diarrhea in the morning she made me promise to at least check for Malaria with one of the manual rapid tests that Olga got from her boss. The test and test procedure look as follows:


I had some problems with the first part and I cannot remember the last time I purposely stabbed my finger to extract some blood from it. I seemed unable to gather enought blood and needed to stab a couple of times, rubbing and squeezing the finger to press the blood out of the tiny hole. Maybe someone else should have done that, because after completing the test I felt really close to fainting, unable to hear or see a lot. I was surprised that it really feels like your head is wrapped in cotton wool.

Anyways, the test needed some time so I laid down and got someone to hold up my feet for my blood circulation. After I felt better we checked for fever again, this time with Lisa’s thermometer. Either mine is completely broken or my temperature rose pretty quickly to the 39°centigrade it showed.

It is worth noting that while we were waiting for the test to complete, Ben was laid in the bed above mine with Malaria. He had already felt sick in the morning and went to the hospital, where Malaria was diagnosed. He got some treatment and was very sleepy.

Anyways, after the test completed, the result showed NEGATIVE. I also did not feel as bad as I would have expected it with Malaria, since I have heard really bad things about that. The speed at which people get worse seems especially remarkable about malaria, and it was a rather slow process for me. So it looks like I stayed clear of it for now. I forced myself to get some food and went to sleep. Of course I am sad that I missed Dennis’s party.

Fortunately I was awake when he left on Saturday morning, so I could say good bye to him appropriately. It’s sad that he left but it was certain long beforehand and we will all get over it.

Later on Saturday the others left for Lake Bosomtwe, but I stayed at home with Ben and slept for most of the day. I also finished reading Blackout from Mark Elsberg on my phone. It’s a good book that accurately describes  weaknesses of modern technology and a possible impact of a multi-week-blackout on the life in europe. It has been a good read during all the blackouts in Ghana ;)

Anyways, back to me. I felt better on Sunday and went to church with my boss. On monday I went to work. I will write about both days later. Have a nice day guys, see you soon.