So, this happened:


Let’s talk about the how and why, follow me.

Most of you should know, that I’m studying mechanical engineering at the Hamburg University of Technology. Part of my bachelor’s degree course consists of two internships, 16 weeks in total, that I have to complete before submitting my bachelor’s thesis. Finding internships in Hamburg has been hard for me, although I do have a couple of weeks covered by now and a spot secured in october.

Luckily, a good friend of mine introduced another option to me some time ago: A paid internship abroad with arranged housing and everything else - free. The organization that makes this possible is IAESTE. It is being run by local branches of students in universities and colleges around the world. They arrange internships with local companies and exchange them globally. Thank you Lukas for your commitment to IAESTE over the last years.

My application for an IAESTE internship was divided into separate stages, in the first of which I could choose the continents that I was interested in. Africa was not on my list at that point, actually I applied for North America and Australia back then.

Anyways, international negotiations of the IAESTE groups decided which internships were given to german students. There were spots in Brazil, Ghana, Japan, Hungary and lots of countries all over the world. There were only 4 spots for internships in the US, and unfortunately not in Purdue or somewhere around Indiana, and they didn’t fit my profile anyways.

I applied for a bunch of internships in different countries, and got a positive reply for one in Ghana pretty soon. I will, therefore, work at Governor Steel Co. Ltd in Kumasi, Ghana from July 6th to August 28th! Unfortunately, their website went down a couple of days ago and their Facebook page is not very informative. I do not have personal contact or an address yet. Actually, at this time I don’t even have the Address of where I will live. And I’m already in the plane to Dubai…


Pretty adventurous, huh? At least I do have contact to the person that is picking me up at the airport in Accra, the capital of Ghana. He will also take care of getting me to Kumasi…

And yes, I guess that’s it for now. Stay tuned for more, I will deliver when I have internet access!